Sunday, February 3, 2008

Los Angeles... meet spains very own Pau Gasol!

shocking but good!!! thats all i can say bout this morning when i browsed news on sports (particularly teams i like most).. well the lakers may have miss out the opportunity on acquiring KG(kevin garnett) last summer.. but now they got PG(Pau Gasol) and it really made them better.. the lakers traded Kwame Brown(at last), Javaris Critenton, 2008 & 2010 first round draft picks, Aaron Mckie(signed by Lakers for salary cap purposes later to be released again) and the draft rights to Marc Gasol (Pau's brother who was drafted by the lakers this year but is still playing in Spain).. it was a bunch of players for Gasol plus a second-round draft pick for 2010.. but i think this was a good one for the lakers since gasol's play will fit the triangle offense need for a good passing big man (remember luc longley from the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan era hmm)..

he might still play at the center since Andrew Bynum is still injured (LA can wait dude dont push! get well soon) but thats a relief as compared to Kwame's relief appearances.. sorry but its true! so when Bynum comes back.. this will be the lakers starting line up now... Fisher(PG), KOBE!(SG), Odom(SF), Gasol(PF) and Bynum(C).. wow.. contenders now? yes they are! Gasol maybe not much of a defender but his presence , passing, offensive skills is a great difference.. averaging 18+ points this season, 8+ rebounds makes sense?

good job on mitch kupchak doing this trade.. wait for the team chemistry and player returns and well see whats next.... GO Lakers!!

Kobe's reaction on this trade says it all..