Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Nurse In Town

This post is to Congratulate my cousin Elma Mae M. Barcelo for Passing the Licensure Examinations for Nurses.. results came out last July 24, 2008.

All those sleepnights has now come to a sweet end.. All the headaches will now be filled with joy awww... ehehe..

Congratulations also to others who passed.. and for those who didn't make it.. it's not yet the end of the world.. you will have this as we have said.. In his own time.. trust in him and everything will be fine.. just believe in yourself and strive harder next time.. dont forget to pray.. it definitely helps..

ME AND RN.RM (nice pics) ahahah

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Male Parent

How do you call your male parent? Do you call him Papang, Papa?? what else? hmm.. just buzzed to my mind on how people call their "Male Parent" when someone called the attention of my YM Status Messenger that Im using the "Papang" word to call my father. Thanks for bringing it up. Ive try to seek some common names we call him especially for Filipinos or what they wanted you to call him. Please correct me if some are wrong:)

Here are some:
-Papang - This is what I call him.. Also common to our family, how my cousins call their fathers
-Daddy or Dad for Short
-Itay - You mostly hear this from teleseryes..
-Erpats - Its a pinoy street language reversing the word (T change from D if pinoy spelling).. You may not be callinig Him this way :) i suggest not too also
-Amahan - Cebuano..
-Tata - Chavacano
-Pops or Paps
-Tatay or Tay

Hmmm so many names we call our father.. some differences but mainly its the same.. the respect is there.. he should be called with respect.. maybe this differs ours to other cultures where they just call him by his First Name..

Well today is special to all of them whatever name we call him.. He is one of the important persons in our lives.. We can have as many partners, friends, boss/modirs, mentors that will pass to our lives but there can only be One Father in our Life.. Of course there is one common Father to all of us which is always watching and guiding us everyday high above..

So Id like to greet all our Fathers a very Happy Fathers Day.. and thank you.. thank you for having you in my life..

Also if you have any names you call your dad just post it in the comments. Thanks.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sit Back, Relax and Welcome to the LAKERS Show!!

its been a roller coaster ride this year for the LOS ANGELES LAKERS.. before the season even started.. their best player kobe bryant demanded for a trade (maybe he's just jokin!).. they got FISH back!..then up to a good start.. andrew bynum played good and man really good! until january when he got that knee injury.. all of a sudden a spaniard name pau gasol entered LAKERLAND.. everyone got excited.. injuries came.. kobe's playing injured almost half of the season.. pau gasol missed 9 games.. another acquisition got injured in the name of Trevor Ariza.. but then still the Lakers got the no. 1 seed in the one of the Toughest Conference ever in NBA History.. Western Conference 2007-2008.. wheeww..

along came the playoffs... they swept the Nuggets.... shocked by the 2-2 tied series against Deron Williams and the Utah Jazz which eventually they won .. and here comes the defending champs along their way.. cruised them to two straight victories, got busted wide open in game 3.. had a controversial win on game 4.. and a hometown celebration for the Western Conference title at staples center!! yeah!!!..

as a laker fan it was a very nice thing to see the lakers are once again back in the NBA finals.. since 2004 the post Shaq-Kobe era has been.. lets say not so good.. missin the playoffs on 2005.. blew a 3-1 lead to phoenix at the first round of 2006.. losing again to phoenix last year in the first round.. and now all of those bad memories are set aside.. ghosts from the past has been left behind.. the only thing that came back.. is the memory of a long rivalry between two of the most celebrated franchise in NBA history.. way back in the 80's where the Showtime made up Lakers made up Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy battled a Boston's "then Big 3" of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish for some NBA Finals moments.. For the record this will be the 11 meeting for the championship between the Lakers and the Celtics..

though the celtics have been regarded as the best team turnaround in nba history and very well expected to reach the Finals.. they have been shocked in the playoffs where they had to finish the first two series in 7 seven games.. led by their so called "BIG 3" of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.. well the lakers has their whole team ready for you Boston!!!

well all i can say is Sit Back, Relax and Welcome to the LAKERS SHOW!!!

heres a video i found reminiscin the old and welcoming the new Lakers-Celtics rivalry

Thursday, May 22, 2008

User Friendly Remote-PC Software

Just want to share this easy to use software for instantly remote access your pc away from you, all you need is the software, pc-id and password and there you are working and browsing your pc at home from your office or vice versa... also some more features of this software are chat, file transfer and more.. oh I almost forgot the software im talkin about is TeamViewer.. here are some steps to guide you..

1. Download the software at its site's download page.
2. Install the software to your computer.. fill in some required info's and take note of the password that will be ask prior to installation (this is the one needed by the one who will remote your pc and vice versa)
3. Run the program.
4. You should know the target's pc's Partner ID shown in the software itself.
5. A password authentication will be asked once it has connected to the target pc. This password is the one that was asked prior to installation.. (this password is the password from the target computer)
6. Once connected you can now start to Remote Access, Transfer File and chat with the target pc..

Easy ayt?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


this post has really been long been due.. and the reason behind this post.. has also long been due.. this post should be written few weeks back..

Finally NBA has awarded Kobe Bryant as the leagues MVP!

well if u follow his career lately (sorry but i followed it from the start i mean 1996-1997)... i believe that he's the MVP for the last 2-3 years.. well bitterness out now since he finally got to bag it home.. and boy he really deserved it this year.. no contest! he's the man..

2-3 years long the chant of MVP at staples center in LA has never died.. although they booed him at the start of the season because of his trade demands,etc.. i feel for you people of LA but i think he just added some spice for people to make some moves.. and well they did.. along came PAU... at the end of this year you even hear the MVP chants at their opposing homecourts wheww..

i was so happy watching the awarding ceremonies of the MVP trophy... it all payed off now.. one of the completely fulfilled players in history.. it really is his year...

next thing is the championship this year.. that will be the icing on the cake..

well just like what i tell.. Sit Back, Relax and enjoy the LAKERS show.. also just like what kobe said.. "Were gonna play til June and let this party started!!..

Congratulations Kobe Bryant.. NBA MVP 2007-2008...

if you missed out on the awarding ceremonies.. here it is... LETS GO LAKERS!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Games and Gamers Galore

lately video games for me is only NBA LIVE, NBA 2k8, MLB the show or any sports related game.. although i play also playboy mansion on ps2 hahaha.. hmmmm.. more on sports games "ika nga".. there goes the feeling of "kantsawan" regarding our so-called franchise.. but still the child in me calls for something new.. especially now that video game consoles redefine the word gaming! wheeww... i remember way back then when i had my Family computer and my "game boy" (where i spend fortunes on batteries and expensive game cartridges.. of course not my money eheh...) where i only have A & B button.. usually jump and fire.. CONTRA.. (up,up,down,down,left, right, left right, B,A, select, start.. 30 lives!!!).. now video game controllers have tons of function.. wheew..

but for games now i dont have any idea what's new and what's good.. well got this site (CompleteGameDepot)of a very good friend zalds where it features different games he have tried, new gaming consoles etc etc, and i think theres more to come since this site is very young.. hey zalds will you feature some cheats there? hahaha... i hope you will.. hmm.. the site is good but is there a chance i can be added to your blogroll since its all gaming sites ahaha.. just kidding man..

hope you can visit this site too guys.. see you gaming..

do i get a free PSP or a NINTENDO DS LITE? hahahah

Friday, May 16, 2008

Configuring your Your Yahoo Mail on Outlook, Windows Live Mail.. etc etc

ever tried configuring your yahoo mail to your MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live mail... well at long last i have found the way to configure my yahoo acoount to my Windows Live mail.. thanks to Liffey Pacana for his undying effort on troubleshooting this since the morning ahaha. "the best ka talaga"

well this starts by downloading a small program called YPop<--click for the link.. the latest version is , during installation check on the option that it starts when windows starts.. make sense?

open your email client let say Windows Live Mail (it works easier compared when used in Outlook) follow these steps:

  1. Click the SHOW MENU (ALT+M) button at the top right of the WLM window then click on SHOW ALL MENUS. You should now see FILE, EDIT, VIEW, TOOLS, ACTIONS, and HELP at the top of the WLM window.
  2. Click TOOLS > ACCOUNTS. Click the ADD button.
  3. Select E-MAIL ACCOUNT then click NEXT.
  4. Enter your Yahoo! e-mail address, password, and your name as you would like for it to appear to people you send e-mail to. Check the box in front of "Manually configure server settings for e-mail account." Click NEXT.
  5. Make sure to use lower case letters for your username. The username is just the username, not the full Yahoo! e-mail address. The INCOMING and OUTGOING servers are both "" (no quotes). Check the box in front of "My outgoing server requires authentication". Click NEXT then click FINISH.
  6. With the ACCOUNTS window still open, select your Yahoo! e-mail account and click PROPERTIES. Click the ADVANCED tab. Move the SERVER TIMEOUTS slider all the way to the right so the server timeout becomes 5 minutes.
  7. Optionally, you may or may not want to keep e-mails on Yahoo! If you DO NOT WANT to keep e-mails on Yahoo!, uncheck the box in front of "Leave a copy of messages on server". Click APPLY then click OK.
  8. Click CLOSE on the ACCOUNTS window to close it.
now try and test to send mail to other accounts..


good to be back..

its good to be back... after some few months off to blogging and the internet... well, well, well, what did i missed out? and what has happened during the time i was out.. well hope its not that much..

well new look for my blogsite (yeah because i broke it last nyt!)... hope i made some improvements.. hope it looked better than before.. hehe..

hope you can visit my site....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whole Foods Locations

For those looking for an easy way to locate Whole Foods Market Store Locations, I found one site that surely will be helpful to you. is a special site dedicated to help whole food shoppers to find the local store near their area. All they have to do is type their zip and voila! the locations of the whole foods store nearby will be available.

Aside from the site search facility the site also provides whole foods discount and whole foods gift card that you will get free. Who doesn't one a free $250 Grocery shopping? The grocery gift card is accepted in almost 1000's stores nationwide.

You can also opt to choose Visa Gift card if you want.

More site - Whole Foods Locations

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Los Angeles... meet spains very own Pau Gasol!

shocking but good!!! thats all i can say bout this morning when i browsed news on sports (particularly teams i like most).. well the lakers may have miss out the opportunity on acquiring KG(kevin garnett) last summer.. but now they got PG(Pau Gasol) and it really made them better.. the lakers traded Kwame Brown(at last), Javaris Critenton, 2008 & 2010 first round draft picks, Aaron Mckie(signed by Lakers for salary cap purposes later to be released again) and the draft rights to Marc Gasol (Pau's brother who was drafted by the lakers this year but is still playing in Spain).. it was a bunch of players for Gasol plus a second-round draft pick for 2010.. but i think this was a good one for the lakers since gasol's play will fit the triangle offense need for a good passing big man (remember luc longley from the Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan era hmm)..

he might still play at the center since Andrew Bynum is still injured (LA can wait dude dont push! get well soon) but thats a relief as compared to Kwame's relief appearances.. sorry but its true! so when Bynum comes back.. this will be the lakers starting line up now... Fisher(PG), KOBE!(SG), Odom(SF), Gasol(PF) and Bynum(C).. wow.. contenders now? yes they are! Gasol maybe not much of a defender but his presence , passing, offensive skills is a great difference.. averaging 18+ points this season, 8+ rebounds makes sense?

good job on mitch kupchak doing this trade.. wait for the team chemistry and player returns and well see whats next.... GO Lakers!!

Kobe's reaction on this trade says it all..

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Air Jordan 23 : Coming Up!!!

yes its coming up this january-february.. its the 23rd of the air jordan shoes line.. 23!!!! ironic because its Michael Jordan's jersey number while playing for the Chicago Bulls (although he did wore #45 for less than a season).. many said this will be the last Air Jordan since its 23.. but some say no even nike said that they are not sure it will be the last air jordan shoe that will come out..

limited edition will be first sold in only 23 stores in US and it will cost $230 and national release will be sold at $185..

being an air jordan shoes fan makes me excited what this shoe look like.. waaaaaa my last air jordan shoe was the Air Jordan 14!!! way back before i had the jordan 7, 8, 11, 12 (this one got stollen only 1 week old..) 13 and last the 14... air jordan prices got so high then..

one another exciting thing about air jordans is the shoe box.. where will they put it this time? hmmm before they had it on a metal case(air Jordan 17), they had MJ's face on the box(air jordan 16), slide box with Drivers manual (air jordan 18), split fold box with shoe bag (air jordan 19) , flip top box with laser pattern wrapping (air jordan 20), glossy box with nylon bag.(air jordan 21) locker style box (air jordan 22).. so whats next for AJ23? also lets wait on the add-ons like CD's, Drivers Manual(yes they call it drivers manual since some AJ shoes concept are from Cars..) hahaha

there are some "leaked photos" buzzing around the internet but still curious about the final release since its almost coming.. thats why i did not post those leaked photos.... hmmm...when will they release it here in the middle east? ahahaha. waaa cant wait to see and hope i can get one...

found some video about the concept of the Air Jordan XX3 shoe..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

BIRYANI it is...

have you tried biryani yet? beef? chicken or fish? hmmmm.... if not maybe you start to think about it (if your in middle east its easy to get one)... ive only tried it one time here in doha,qatar but its definitely worth a repeat performance haha.... first impression when they served it to me was.. "Where is the beef here?" by the way i ordered beef biryani... not knowing it was covered with the rice hahahaha.. so i want to share what ive learned about this dish which made me "inosente"..

lookin up in the web.. biryani name was derived the persian word "berya(n)"
which simply means "fried" or "roasted".. it belong to middle east and southern asian family of dishes (south asia countries consists of ..bangladesh, british indian ocean territory, india, maldives, bhutan, pakistan, sri lanka).. it is usually made out of spices, rice, meat/vegetables and yogurt.. there are many kind of biryanis like fish, beef, chicken, vegetables and many more...

in some countries they serve biryani in special occasions like weddings... how can we say if the biryani we are eating is good?.. have given some categories to check of a good biryani:

1. Aroma. It must have both sweet fragrance and herbal warm aroma. 2. It should be savory, but not spicy 3. Finally, it should meet the age old test. Drop a handful of Biryani on a hard floor. No two grains of rice should be stuck to each other.

feeling hungry? for those who dont know what a biryani looks like here are some photos to make it more interesting.. hmm.. ENJOY YOUR MEAL.

thanks too wikipedia for their info on biryani..
if you really want to learn more here are some useful sites/articles for biryani.,


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

welcome 2008!!

its senti time again.. hahaha.. its getting late in doha and almost its new year time in the philippines and still im talking to some friends in dubai.. putting jokes regarding how bad they cried today missin their families back home.. lookin at their webcams i found some still with teary eyes.. i think you know who you are hahaha.. then its my turn.... went out again to call "cheap".. now its my turn to have my tears fall... well i think im starting to get used to this kind of sadness after all.. still lucky to contact my family and love ones when some cannot go thru the "traffic" of communication lines in the phils...

and a few hours after?? whats next.. we also deserve to have a party ayt? yeah we did attend one.. thanks again to the Kho family who was very kind to pick us up from our flat to theirs and vice versa.. hope you guys wont get tired of inviting us.. at exactly 12am everyone was up in their feets when mrs. kho threw some coins and bills as a common filipino tradition.. of course i did not waste time to pick up some!! nyahahaha... then back to drinking while watching a very heart warming movie on tfc entitled "KOKEY" nyahahha..

well guess New Years Eve celebration here in Doha is not that sad for filipinos right?