Monday, December 31, 2007

Los Angeles Lakers defines what shorts are!!

every morning i try to open sports news from nba, mlb, pba etc.. i usually check out my favorite teams standings, transactions and news.. i got a smile from a Los Angeles Lakers game news and photos.. against the boston celtics both teams used retro jerseys/uniforms in the game and not only they used old designs but the Laker players actually have their short lenghts as same sa old lakers players like jerry west, abdul-jabbar and others.. as ive seen in the photos no one had their shorts reach even the knee length.. their undershorts(mostly known as cycling shorts) are even longer than their uniform shorts ahahaha.. although my Lakers lost waaaaaaa it still was a very nice thing they did.. we will get back with you BOSTON!! maybe the shorts arent long enough to get lucky...

to all prison break fans out there!!!

well after more than two months of waiting.. "Boxed In", Episode 9 of Prison Break Season 3 will be aired this coming January 14, 2008.. as ive seen in the trailer (teaser!!!) breaking out in SONA prison will start there. just eager to know what will they do since michael scoffield was put in a box cell (bartolina..).. waaa... can they make it more earlier? hahaha.. what can you say about it Fox Network? ahahah

"Bang and Burn" episode 8 was last played on november 12 so ive been dying to see this coming episodes of prison break for months now.. season 1 and season 2 was very easy for me no need to wait for coming episodes since i just borrowed compilation of episodes so if the suspense got high from the ending of last episode ill just play the next one.. but this time its hard since i dont have the power to play the next ones.. too bad.. but i think its worth the wait naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

i put the preview of coming episodes of prison break i found.. enjoy and get teased!!

watch out for my next post on another show that is hanging for weeks now..HEROES!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

first mass at doha...

ive been at doha for almost 3 weeks now... "simbang gabi" days have passed... christmas day has also passed and still i havent set foot into a catholic church in doha... finally!! last night i got a chance to go to PSD (Philippine School Doha) to attend a mass.. it was a lucky time for me since the place was not very crowded that night where usually latecomers only got to hear the mass outside of the place.. it was a very nice scene to see.. filipinos of all sorts are gathered around bowing their heads, praising and giving thanks to all the blessings they received on life.. at that time no one there was highly paid, no one is boss, no one is under paid a bunch of people believing in one common thing.... it was also nice to see that despite the very cold night many people are there with their jackets on smiling at you and saying one popular word "KABAYAN"...

with the inspiring words of the lord and the smiles from your kababayan.. added strength and peace of mind was given to me.. i felt that despite the sad feeling of working away from your family.. we still have a reason to smile and be very much thankful in life.....


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry christmas DOHA!!!!

as excited as i am during christmas in the phils... i woke up early also this time jumped into my jogging pants and jacket go straight to the "internet phone" place where its cheaper to call in the phils than using my mobile.. its a lot less cheaper.. maybe half the price.. hahahah.. wow.. it made me feel better when i heard the voice of my parents and my cousins who to me are like my sisters... my christmas morning is complete...

lunch time was ok since i was invited by a friend to eat lunch and hang out in their nice flat just near ours.. thanks for the food maine! hahaha

to wrap up christmas day.. me, mel and benjie went out to have dinner at royal plaza where mel is craving for some sbarro's food.. thanks mel for the dinner and thank you kabayan for making the pizza crust very hard to bite. hahahaha.. then ending up walking at al corniche freezing our selves out.. hahah... thanks for the tour benjie!


12/24/2007 - - - - an eve of first time..

whats up.. its my first post and what a time for it to come.. its Christmas... merry Christmas to all!

everything is new for me at this time of the year.....

this will be the first time im spending my Christmas outside of my hometown cavite city, philippines.. by the way im now here at doha,qatar.. ive just arrived here last december 07, 2007 (whoaaahh....what a time to leave the country huh.... i know some you will ask me that thats why ive put it up already) starting a new chapter of my career here hopefully to grow furthermore..

this will also be my first time spendin this season away from my beloved family... this one's tough.. at first i just laughed at it few days back.. laughed that it will be just normal to have it away from home.... but at the eve of Christmas.. i had a chance to have a chat to my family(thanks to yahoo messenger) talkin bout their plans for christmas tomorrow, the food they are cooking.. my mom is cooking menudo for some visitors expected to come there every year.. then suddenly when me and my dad talked about that this is also our first christmas in our new home..tears just fell and there was the feeling of missing that special chance to be with them... seeing how happy they are that this christmas we are not worrying about paying the house rent for this month or the next.... oh yes its a first for us we now have our own house.. and im very thankful to have those persons who had helped us to put this house up.. i know you know who you are and again id like to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.... just before more tears would go down i found my self saying goodbye to my father saying that i need to go now... i need to hide the sadness and tears inside me for them not to worry and get sad this time of the year..

but actually its true we really have to go because we are invited to a christmas celebration to one of our many kabayan's flat here in doha.. many thanks to the Kho Family who invited us to their party where we ate, drink and before walking out of their door they handed us with some nice gifts which will be very helpful to us in our stay here in qatar.. again to Ms. Melanie and her mom thank you very much from very bottom of out hearts.. it nice to feel that at this time where all of us (me, kuya mario, kuya cesar, kuya jojo & kuya edwin) are away from home you guys made us feel the spirit of christmas together with your family..

when we got back to our flat... although i had a few shots in the party staying at bed to sleep did not came very easy.. i found my self sitting very sadly in the kitchen/laundry area dialing numbers in my mobile fone without realizing that its already early morning time to those people whom im trying to call to.... then after saying thanks and greeting the someone up there happy birthday.. i finally gave up my self to bed for her to bring me to sleep.... merry christmas Doha..