Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Air Jordan 23 : Coming Up!!!

yes its coming up this january-february.. its the 23rd of the air jordan shoes line.. 23!!!! ironic because its Michael Jordan's jersey number while playing for the Chicago Bulls (although he did wore #45 for less than a season).. many said this will be the last Air Jordan since its 23.. but some say no even nike said that they are not sure it will be the last air jordan shoe that will come out..

limited edition will be first sold in only 23 stores in US and it will cost $230 and national release will be sold at $185..

being an air jordan shoes fan makes me excited what this shoe look like.. waaaaaa my last air jordan shoe was the Air Jordan 14!!! way back before i had the jordan 7, 8, 11, 12 (this one got stollen only 1 week old..) 13 and last the 14... air jordan prices got so high then..

one another exciting thing about air jordans is the shoe box.. where will they put it this time? hmmm before they had it on a metal case(air Jordan 17), they had MJ's face on the box(air jordan 16), slide box with Drivers manual (air jordan 18), split fold box with shoe bag (air jordan 19) , flip top box with laser pattern wrapping (air jordan 20), glossy box with nylon bag.(air jordan 21) locker style box (air jordan 22).. so whats next for AJ23? also lets wait on the add-ons like CD's, Drivers Manual(yes they call it drivers manual since some AJ shoes concept are from Cars..) hahaha

there are some "leaked photos" buzzing around the internet but still curious about the final release since its almost coming.. thats why i did not post those leaked photos.... hmmm...when will they release it here in the middle east? ahahaha. waaa cant wait to see and hope i can get one...

found some video about the concept of the Air Jordan XX3 shoe..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

BIRYANI it is...

have you tried biryani yet? beef? chicken or fish? hmmmm.... if not maybe you start to think about it (if your in middle east its easy to get one)... ive only tried it one time here in doha,qatar but its definitely worth a repeat performance haha.... first impression when they served it to me was.. "Where is the beef here?" by the way i ordered beef biryani... not knowing it was covered with the rice hahahaha.. so i want to share what ive learned about this dish which made me "inosente"..

lookin up in the web.. biryani name was derived the persian word "berya(n)"
which simply means "fried" or "roasted".. it belong to middle east and southern asian family of dishes (south asia countries consists of ..bangladesh, british indian ocean territory, india, maldives, bhutan, pakistan, sri lanka).. it is usually made out of spices, rice, meat/vegetables and yogurt.. there are many kind of biryanis like fish, beef, chicken, vegetables and many more...

in some countries they serve biryani in special occasions like weddings... how can we say if the biryani we are eating is good?.. have given some categories to check of a good biryani:

1. Aroma. It must have both sweet fragrance and herbal warm aroma. 2. It should be savory, but not spicy 3. Finally, it should meet the age old test. Drop a handful of Biryani on a hard floor. No two grains of rice should be stuck to each other.

feeling hungry? for those who dont know what a biryani looks like here are some photos to make it more interesting.. hmm.. ENJOY YOUR MEAL.

thanks too wikipedia for their info on biryani..
if you really want to learn more here are some useful sites/articles for biryani.,


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

welcome 2008!!

its senti time again.. hahaha.. its getting late in doha and almost its new year time in the philippines and still im talking to some friends in dubai.. putting jokes regarding how bad they cried today missin their families back home.. lookin at their webcams i found some still with teary eyes.. i think you know who you are hahaha.. then its my turn.... went out again to call "cheap".. now its my turn to have my tears fall... well i think im starting to get used to this kind of sadness after all.. still lucky to contact my family and love ones when some cannot go thru the "traffic" of communication lines in the phils...

and a few hours after?? whats next.. we also deserve to have a party ayt? yeah we did attend one.. thanks again to the Kho family who was very kind to pick us up from our flat to theirs and vice versa.. hope you guys wont get tired of inviting us.. at exactly 12am everyone was up in their feets when mrs. kho threw some coins and bills as a common filipino tradition.. of course i did not waste time to pick up some!! nyahahaha... then back to drinking while watching a very heart warming movie on tfc entitled "KOKEY" nyahahha..

well guess New Years Eve celebration here in Doha is not that sad for filipinos right?