Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Male Parent

How do you call your male parent? Do you call him Papang, Papa?? what else? hmm.. just buzzed to my mind on how people call their "Male Parent" when someone called the attention of my YM Status Messenger that Im using the "Papang" word to call my father. Thanks for bringing it up. Ive try to seek some common names we call him especially for Filipinos or what they wanted you to call him. Please correct me if some are wrong:)

Here are some:
-Papang - This is what I call him.. Also common to our family, how my cousins call their fathers
-Daddy or Dad for Short
-Itay - You mostly hear this from teleseryes..
-Erpats - Its a pinoy street language reversing the word (T change from D if pinoy spelling).. You may not be callinig Him this way :) i suggest not too also
-Amahan - Cebuano..
-Tata - Chavacano
-Pops or Paps
-Tatay or Tay

Hmmm so many names we call our father.. some differences but mainly its the same.. the respect is there.. he should be called with respect.. maybe this differs ours to other cultures where they just call him by his First Name..

Well today is special to all of them whatever name we call him.. He is one of the important persons in our lives.. We can have as many partners, friends, boss/modirs, mentors that will pass to our lives but there can only be One Father in our Life.. Of course there is one common Father to all of us which is always watching and guiding us everyday high above..

So Id like to greet all our Fathers a very Happy Fathers Day.. and thank you.. thank you for having you in my life..

Also if you have any names you call your dad just post it in the comments. Thanks.


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sherie said...

if you grew up without a father what do you think is the appropriate word to call your "male parent"? so as not to confuse myself i call him eric. thats his name by the way. oh and yeah i saw your papang a few days ago =)